First, I want to thank you for dropping by my site and encourage you to
contact me with any questions you may have.  My name is Kent
Hollands, I grew up in the area of the Red River of the North and have
fished the rivers here for over thirty years. The Red River and its
tributaries possess a high-quality fishery in which research crews have
documented more then fifty species, including Channel Catfish,
Northern Pike, Saugers, Walleyes, Small Mouth Bass, Lake Sturgeon
and Carp just to name a few.

I enjoy watching others battle to get one of these great fighters into the
boat and experience the rush of catching one of the most powerful fresh
water fish there is.

I strongly encourage catch and release of all fish over 24” to let
someone else enjoy the same experience you did. We will make sure to
take a photo before we release your prize catch but this is ultimately a
personal decision you can make for yourself.

I also look forward every year to fishing in one of the greatest cat fishing
tournaments in America. It is called the Cats Incredible and is held in
East Grand Forks, MN in August every year during Catfish Days. Here
is how I have faired in years past.

Year        Place            weight             fish
2000         1st               72.99              9
2001         76th             32.70              9
              *2002         38th             36.77             6                              
2003         32nd            53.17             10
2004               Missed Cut
2005          16th            64.33              8
2006               Missed Cut
2007               Missed Cut

* Fished tournament with my 8 yr old son in 2002, and he fished again
with me in 2003, 2005.  

Red River catfish grow slowly, having only two to three months each
year to do most of their growing. To put this into perspective for you,
keep in mind, a 24-inch, seven pound catfish is roughly twelve years of
age. A 20-pounder may be close to 20 years old. The biggest catfish
caught on the Red River is 33lb-4oz and is the state record caught in

I’m one of the Co-Founder’s of the Red River Hookers:
A fishing organization of local anglers that helps to promote fishing on
the Red River of the North.

Winner of the National Cat’s Incredible Catfish Tournament 2000

Nationally Published Outdoor Writer

Coast Guard Certified, Captain

CPR / First Aid Certified

Commercially Insured
Had a great evening on the river
Was a great day with great company
One great double
Was one of our best days ever
on the water.
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